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This is a beautiful occasion to read again and meditate about the text of the consecration of our Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe to His Sacred Heart at the opening mass of the Eurojam 2014.

The signification of this consecration cannot be overestimated!

Thus, the Federal Commissioner invites you to renew this consecration to the Sacred Heart today. Why not between 3 and 4 pm, during the hour of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us do it together, each one on his own – whereever you might be at that time, whatever you might do at that moment. Let us, in this way, build a net of prayer all over Europe, as a strong symbol of the Unity we are creating between our peoples.


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Festival culturel scout 2015If you like the road (red branch style for rovers, rangers, leaders) and you play a music instrument (level: 8 years of practice), then come and join the orchestra of the Guides and Scouts of Europe for the 4th Cultural scout festival!

In continuity with the Eurojam orchestra, we will show together that music doesn’t know any borders!

We will journey through the Gers (in South France) from August 1st to 9th and we will share our joy at the occasion of public representations during the last days in Lectoure.

Register yourself here: and chose the option Symphonic orchestra.

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