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On April 15th, 2019, a tragic fire burnt the Cathedral Notre Dame of Paris in France ; a lot of people were shocked by the pictures of this drama. For UIGSE-FSE, it has a particular resonance, as during the first Eurojam in summer 1984, The Guides and Scouts of Europe have consecrated their movement to Our Lady of Annunciation in this Cathedral.
Therefore it’s under her eyes upon us, that the jewel of culture, beauty and faith must be rebuilt. 
Ad Mariam Europa !
Bruno Borde, Federal Commissioner

EUROJAM 1984 - Notre Dame (SDE n°100)


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While the last winter winds shake the big trees, Château-Landon welcomes the General Commissioners of our UIGSE movement, gathered for one weekend by Bruno Borde, the new Federal Commissioner. He welcomes us “in our home”, reminding that this place is also the UIGSE headquarters.

The weekend is officially opened after the Saturday morning mass and a beautiful flag ceremony: The national flags of 17 countries represented wave in the wind over our heads during the whole meeting.

Bruno presents his new team, supported by Milisenta (Lithuania) and recalls the goal of our meetings and monthly conference calls recently put in place: to strengthen our fraternity, to promote interactive exchanges.

During the weekend, each association gives a brief presentation of its strengths, weaknesses, difficulties and challenges. This enriching work allows all associations to compare, bring together and exchange their points of view and their situations depending on the addressed points.

Several work sessions take turns: situation of the Euromoot project, UIGSE internal and external communication, means of collaboration among the General Commissioners, speech of our Federal Religious Adviser about the role of the National Religious Adviser, analysis of statistics…

Then a good break: Hour of the road/moment of silence, dinner, and evening program: The French association has recently bought a building to store its equipment stockpiled during decades and destined to support the 90 annual training camps. The association invites us to visit and bless this place located 500 meters from the national centre, after some dances, short plays and songs. A quiet return and then silence of the night, well respected and much appreciated.

Last presentations on Sunday morning. In the last session, the federal calendar for the next two years is quickly set up with the contribution of all participants: Arms raise to welcome the next Federal Council, the High Patrol weekend, the Woodbadge Days, the 12-star Camp: Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Portugal, Germany, Poland… Long live our scout Europe with such enthusiasm!

We entrust this Europe to the Lord during the closing mass before the flag ceremony and the FSE call “Ad Mariam Europa”!


Marie-Amélie von Loë, CNG Luxembourg

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The Woodbadge Days took place on February 16th and 17th in Vienna (Austria). Almost 30 trainees from 10 different countries gathered to share experience in leadership training.

It was a time to work, to share, to pray, to know or better know each other, to propose our service to others or to request help from others. To build a true friendship.

At the end of the day:

  • great welcome by the Austrian association with sightseeing in Vienna  √ check!
  • Interesting & exciting topics presented by the participants : Digital world & scouting, European Vocation in the red branch, International training camp, Spiritual time in training camp, Third degree training camp.   √ check!
  • Follow-up on spoken subjects – each association chose a concrete element to implement in association’s program and/or training camps during one year   √ check!
  • overall good participation of all attendees, interaction, exchange, good spirit, listening to each other, and peaceful ambiance  √ check!
  • inclusive methodology: workshops, discussions, exchanges per branch, etc.  √ check!

The next Woodbadge Days will be held on February 15th & 16th 2020 in Bucarest (Romania).

Let’s meet there !

Milisenta Miseviciute