After Brownsea

On January 15th 1908, in English bookshops, a leaflet of about 70 pages was published with the title Scouting for boys. It was written and illustrated by Baden-Powell himself. It was the first of a series of 6 leaflets, published every fortnight between January and April 1908. They were sold 4 pence each (about 1,20 €). In May of that year, the leaflets were printed as a book, with the same title: Scouting for boys. Immediately, the six leaflets were a real success, and so they were published again several times. Later on, it was necessary to publish the book five times during the year 1908. Continue reading

Martin Hafner2Dear sister guides, dear brother scouts,

Mary, the Mother of God, is our special example as guides and scouts. She considered herself as entirely poor, as we can read in the magnificat. She did not take herself too important. That is how she could say the “yes” that allowed the Absolute, Almighty, Omniscient, God to come into His creation. Continue reading