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“Live the Scout Adventure!”
Here is the theme for the Scout Film Festival in its 5th edition.

The festival was born in 2002 on the initiative of the French Confederation of Scouting which includes the “Eclaireurs Neutres de France” (Neutral Scouts of France), the “Fédération des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses” (Federation of Scouts and Girl Scouts) as well as the Association of Guides and Scouts of Europe.

film scout

This day is an opportunity to see the movies in competition of less than a minute and less than fifteen minutes all made by scouts. Open to all branches as well as scoutmaster groups and regardless of the nationality (French subtitles must be included), this event is an opportunity to develop new skills, meet Scouts from other movements and promote the scouting spirit on the screen.

Christophe Charly, the head of the festival, also plans novelties for this year with the opening of a forum with scout writers and illustrators like Emmanuel Beaudesson, Bruno Robert, Laure Bonnet, and a picture exhibition.

festival film

So grab your camera, write your scenarios and make it to Paris on November 23th to share your vision on Scouting with us and to have a fraternal time of exchange with other movements!

Here’s the link to the 5th Scout Film Festival web!

Inscriptions can be done also internationally – it’s an open event to all UIGSE members!

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On the weekend of April 19-21 the national Khanhiwara took place in Spain.


The 2013 edition will be remembered for a long time because it has been very good.

The good weather enabled participants to enjoy the 15 different tasks that were distributed throughout the city of Requena  that were based on tales of the Brothers Grimm, from Snow White to Tom Thumb, to Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood or Rapuntzel…


The Cubs and leaders did not only enjoy the village but also the warmth and welcome of the people, that encouraged them throughout the game and who were interested in finding out more about what we were doing.


All the game was lived in a true climate of genuine scout/cub brotherhood and not a single group failed to attend, making it possible to enjoy everyone’s company.

The same weekend some Green Branch leaders had a technical weekend that also took place in Requena (Valencia) in order to exchange ideas, learn new tools for the summer camps, improve exploration techniques, receive information about the next Eurojam 2014 and enjoy a true guide/scout style of living.


(spanish version)

El fin de semana del 19 al 21 de abril tuvo lugar una actividad muy especial para los lobatos y lobatas españoles. Se trató delKhanhiwara, un gran juego que en la edición de este año reunió a todas las manadas del país. Más de 250 lobatos y lobatas recorrieron las calles de Requena (Valencia) encontrándose con numeros juegos y desafíos en las que los personajes de los cuentos de los Hermanos Grimm pusieron a prueba su estilo y habilidades: desde Blancanieves hasta Pulgarcito, pasando por Hansel y Gretel o Rapunzel.
Ayudados por un estupendo clima mediterráneo, la amabilidad de los habitantes de la ciudad y el trabajo de los casi 50 jefes que hicieron posible el Khanhiwara, los lobatos y lobatas han demostrado a todos su espíritu y hermandad. Felicidades a ellos!


El mismo fin de semana algunos jefe/as y asistente/as de la rama verde han podido encontrarse cerca de Requena para intercambiar ideas, aprender nuevas herramientas para los campamentos, perfeccionar conocimientos técnicos en la exploración, recibir información sobre el próximo Eurojam 2014 y disfrutar de una convivencia al estilo scout/guía.


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Unity! The first National Meeting of the Swiss European Scouts took place on April 13 and 14, 2013.

Several Camps by branch were conducted and they ended in the Cathedral of Freiburg where the Bishop welcomed us. A yellow branck camp was located near the hillside. A Green branch camp was located around the Hauterive Abbey; with the Scouts located across the river, accessible only via a hanging bridge over the Sarine River and the Guides located at the banks of the river.


Smiles on everyone’s lips and the joy that shines on all faces. The complicity of new-build friendships, the joy of meeting old friends made at summer camps. The desire to excel in each of the big games. Scepters to win after a challenge, swords for the honor of the patrol. The ingenuity of everyone to make the camp even better. The confidence of seeing the flags of the districts hoisted: the big sister Geneva and the little sisters Fribourg, Lausanne and Zurich who are growing and the scouts from Bramois; we are always happy to welcome and have again proved that in the Valais we know how to use a map!


Patrol leaders or chefs, being in service makes sense in the big Scout family! Leaving pumped for the camps that lie ahead, saying: when are we starting again? If there is a first, there surely will be a second!