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Strong heat in Normandy. 50 guides and scouts enter the forests in order to install 9 km of water pipelines for 200 cubemeters of water for 12000 people who will arrive with 200 buses in a few days only. Excellent spirit, great atmosphere, laughter, smiling, enthusiasm are the accompanying the strongly working teams.


Change of scene. Strong rain in Normandy. Point 309. Dozens of trucks with materials get unloaded: toilets, tubes, electrical generators and lines, and wood. Heavy work. At the same time everybody knows that these works are done for the sake of 12000 girls and boys. Not just to make them live, but to let them meet Christ our Savior.


Change of scene. The area of the ceremonies. Huge. Breathtaking. An area for 12000 guides and scouts who will live an amazing ceremonies and Holy Masses. The flagstaffs are already there. The flags are still missing. You are missing. The Guides and Scouts of Europe.IMG_2086

There are only in few hours to prepare. Are you semper parati? The Eurojam volunteers are…


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