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Benedicto XVI

In such an important period for the Church, our Movement must answer “semper parati” to the various proposals that will be made in our dioceses and parishes to give thanks to the Lord for the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, and to pray Him for the choice of his successor. We heartily recommend you to pay attention to these calls and to take part in the ceremonies, as much as possible, with your complete units, in perfect uniform. This will be for us a gesture of gratitude and tribute towards this Pope who shows us the way of faith, courage and inner freedom.

If you cannot attend the diocesan and / or parish proposals, we suggest that you organize thanksgiving masses with your religious advisers and, why not, with your bishops; for instance, you can invite the people around you to join you and thank with you the Lord for all the graces received by the Movement as a whole but also individually during Benedict XVI’s pontificate.

In March, during the period in which Peter’s See will be vacant, during Lent, we propose to you to invoke widely the Holy Spirit to receive from Him anew a good pastor, a priest and prophet for His Church.

As in 2005, the Lord estimates useful and allows the Church to be once again present on all media
channels. This means gives to all men the opportunity of discovering the Church and of converting themselves to join “Christ’ fiancée” who owns all the hidden treasures of Truth and Salvation. You can take advantage of this period to give indications to people, especially to youth around you, to
discover our scouting as a concrete means to find true joy and true happiness.

Why not study (between leaders, in fire, in clan…) what pope Benedict XVI wrote, especially his encyclical letters, his message to the scouts on the occasion of the centenary of scouting in 2007, his trilogy about Jesus ? Be the witnesses of this great pastor, doctor and thinker. In particular, you are invited to read his book “Brothers in Christ: the spirit of Christian brotherhood”, published in several languages. Already in 1960, professor Ratzinger showed us how to realize brotherhood of European Guides and Scouts, how to truly experience Europe in our methods. It is up to us to follow!