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After hearing about the flooding news in Germany that had caused important damage , over 30 German and Austrian Rangers and Rovers decided to help the people in need in Fischerdorf and Deggendorf in Bavaria and Grimm in Saxony-Anhalt.

Their rescue service began on June 12th and lasted about ten days. Motivated by the Scout Law that says: “The Scout is made to serve and save his neighbour”, German Rangers and Rovers actively worked by removing and cleaning the personal property damaged by the floods.


They were delighted with the opportunity to address the needs of others. For example, they provided a washing machine for a woman who no longer had clean clothes. They also wanted to provide support through their prayers. So they had a Mass in the parish church with the residents.

During his visit to the flooded region, the President of the Republic of Germany, Mr. Gauck, met the group of scouts and he could personally thank them for their service.


The impressions and experiences of all the Rangers and Rovers present during their rescue service were very positive and a true sign of the real Scout spirit.

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