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“Parate viam Domini”

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Euromoot 2019 concluded on Saturday August 3rd with an audience with the Holy Father and a Holy Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The event brought to Rome more than five thousand young people from UIGSE-FSE from around twenty countries. “Do not forget: give, always in this way, going ahead; not with the desire to possess that always holds you back. “Give and it will be given to you”. It will be giving that fulfils your desire. I hope, dear guides and rovers of Europe, that you will clear the way for the path of giving.” said Pope Francis to the young people belonging to the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe who had walked towards Rome during one week. One of the most moving moments was when the young people spontaneously sang the song of the scout promise, each in his own language, at the end of Pope Francis’ address. This was like an answer to the words of the Holy Father.

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During the Euromoot, the young people participated in the “Mobilia Scriptoria”, an activity inspired by the great commitment of Benedictine monasticism transmitting culture and faith after the decline of the classical age. To each route was assigned one of the four gospels. The young people walking along the routes reflected on a passage of the Gospel with a Lectio Divina, and then made a handcrafted copy of the respective passage and their own comments, arising from the Lectio Divina. All four Gospels were thus entirely copied by these young people, bound in a book and offered to the Holy Father at the audience.

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A Europe Guide in the USA

Have you ever had the opportunity to go abroad, to discover a new culture, a new new language and meet Scouts there? Cub in France, then guide in Germany within the KPE (Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas, member of UIGSE) I had this chance by spending a month in Colorado, at the foot of the rocky mountains, thanks to Boulder’s group leader.

This emerging group is part of the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE), UIGSE aspirant association. The FNE is a growing movement that did not exist until recently (it’s 10 years old). Recruiting leaders is complex because volunteering with young people is non-existent in this state.

I recovered the pedagogy, the uniform and scouting mindset on several occasions: a cub camp (as leader), a group party and a patrol WE of the group of Littleton, Colorado. Scout life is similar with its great games, its taking of scarves, its coded messages. The cubs practice semaphore, jungle dances, and sing at the vigil songs sometimes translated from French!

Some details were surpising to me, e.g. patrols use terribly heavy iron-cast bowls (but remarkable as an oven) and for camping in the rocky mountains where bears and pumas are numerous, patrols must be trained and provide adequate equipment to food and campism. It is also essential to check the weather because thunderstorms and snowstorms in winter are numerous.

What a joy to discover a movement aspiring to the same Scout ideal, to live the scouts’ fraternity beyond the language, in the continuity of Eurojam, and to share our experiences:
an ocean separates us but scouting makes us close, and it’s with the same complicity than with the guides of my patrol that we tell each other about our camps, our explorations, our failed dishes and our best scouting moments! I will continue with pleasure to exchange with the guides and help them by sharing my experience with them because everything is new for them: from organizing an outing, to the patrol trunk, or the way the patrol council works.

20190731 - A guide in the USA

Deo Gratias for this beautiful month, and “Ad Mariam… America !”


Patrol leader of Eagle, Munich guides unit