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School, with its walls that seem to lock you in, will end in a few days … Your freedom begins … Do you know how to use it properly?

  • You,  brownie guide, cub scout,  will you do your best to spend a week in the jungle with Mowgli and his friends?
  • You, Guide, Scout, will you be willing to hold your place in your patrol in the woods and under our law?
  • You, Ranger, Rover, will you give yourself fully to each of those you meet on the road in Europe?

Your Guide and Scout Leaders ask you to come out of your everyday comfort! They provoke you to give all the love of your heart!

Your Parents give you their generous yes by letting you grow in the “school of the Woods”.

This is the school of adventure, where we let ourselves get surprised each day. Also the one of great games that motivate us to explore and grow, the one of nature, by which we learn to live the joy of simple things and appreciate the power of silence; the one of expression by which we live with laughter and beautiful songs around the fire; the one of true friendship, where we have the opportunity to share beautiful moments with others and build strong relationships for life.

And finally, it is especially the school of Jesus Christ, who pitched his tent amongst us all. He will lead us to fresh source of well-being! Do not forget to ask your religious advisor or your spiritual Father to show you the way by receiving the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist.

And your strength will be developed to control your freedom to resume the pace of your last year … before we all will gather in the woods of Metz for the Eurojam 2014.

Dont forget to tell me about it!

Dare to live the adventure…

Martin Hafner
Federal Commissioner

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