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  • A chain of prayer for our Union
  • Federal Council 2017 in Sait-Cergue, Switzerland (14/15 October 2017)
  • Hearing at the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life in Rome (6 November 2017)
  • 2nd European High-Patrol Meeting in Venice (17-19 November 2017)
  • Youth Forum in Warsaw (26 November 2017)


During the meeting of the Federal Council in October 2017, the Luxembourg association suggested a proposal that we would like to transmit to all our members: every Sunday at 19:00, let us pray for our whole Union!

It can be the scout prayer, the prayer of the Road, the Angelus… If you pray with your unit, pray for the members of your branch in the other associations. If you are alone or with your family, pray for your brothers and sisters and for scout families throughout and beyond Europe.

Join this long chain of prayer aiming at creating a more and more united brotherhood in Christ!

Federal Council in Saint-Cergue, Switzerland (14/15 October 2017)

There was nothing more beautiful that the 70 participants at the Federal Council, the annual meeting of all leaders of our associations, could do in the early morning than watching the sun rising and illuminating more and more the fantastic peaks around the Mont Blanc.

At daytime the Federal Council worked its statutory issues, learned about the situation of every national association, and discussed about the past and the upcoming projects of the UIGSE: Euromoot, FSE+ Endowment Fund etc.

On Saturday night, the Swiss association invited all the Federal Council to celebrate 40 years of FSE in Switzerland with birthday songs in nearly all languages of our brotherhood.


Hearing at the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life in Rome (6 November 2017)

For the second time in this year the Federal Bureau visited the Dicastery for Laity, Family,
and Life. During the meeting, the Federal Bureau renewed the UIGSE-FSE’s readiness to serve to the Church through its educational mission and its active participation in the life of the Church. In particular, the His Eminence Cardinal Farrell was invited again to open the FSE Congress of Religious Advisors in next January.

The meeting took place in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

2nd European High-Patrol Meeting in Venice (17-19 November 2017)

Around 100 guides and scouts from ten associations spent together the second European High-Patrol Meeting. The guides and scouts from Treviso and its surroundings welcomed the patrol and unit leaders in a most excellent way.

Manuela Evangelisti and Fabio Sommacal, the green branch national commissioners of our Italian association did a breath-taking job. At their arrival on Friday night, Italian troops and companies warmly welcomed all foreign delegations.

On Saturday morning, the girls and boys discovered Venice during an exciting game, they celebrated Mass at the tomb of Saint Mark and visited the cathedral exclusively when all tourists had already left. After the campfire they camped outside while the temperature was close to zero degrees.

On Sunday morning, Mass was celebrated and a beautiful ceremony took place where the mayor of Treviso and the Federal commissioner could talk to the guides and scouts. Afterwards new scout techniques were practiced. And noon has already been the moment of the saying Goodbye.

Youth Forum in Warsaw (26 November 2017)

As every year the rangers and rovers of our Polish association organize a whole weekend serving their knowledge about the important questions of life. For this amazing event, which is entirely run by young leaders speakers with great national and international reputation, are invited to share their experience. Moreover, the Forum is not a Ranger and Rover Forum, but a Youth Forum. Indeed, every student or young professional being scout or not is invited to take part in the meeting and the Saturday evening festival. Real evangelization with all means…

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