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  • Euromoot: registration for clans and fires opened
  • International weekends in Málaga, The Hague, and Minsk
  • Harce Majowe in Poland
  • General assemblies: Switzerland, France, Italy
  • General assemblies: Switzerland, France, Italy

Euromoot: registration for clans and fires opened

The preparation of the Euromoot is doing great progress. Around 400 days are left only. All rangers and rovers are invited to keep informed via the Euromoot website: The pre-registration for fires and clans is also possible there. Finally, only a few weeks are left to take part in the logo contest. Where? On the website, of course.








International weekends in Málaga, The Hague, and Minsk

Every year each General commissioner is invited to take part in one of our three international weekends in order to think, to act, and to pray together with his or her peers. In 2018, they were welcomed in Spain, the Netherlands, and Belarus. Having worked on the Charter of European Scouting and the “Internal rules” of our brotherhood, every national delegation met individually with the Federal commissioner, while the other delegations discussed their needs and expectations regarding the future of our brotherhood.

Weekend in Den Haag, Netherlands

Harce Majowe in Poland

In 2018, all Poland is celebrating the centenary of the country’s independence. With this in mind, the two traditional green branch camps from May 1st to May 4th (Harce Majowe) invited all scouts and all guides from Poland. Around 800 scouts camped close to Wrocław and 800 guides close to Kielce. In their bivouacs, exciting competitions took place, before everybody gathered for the great final games in huge areas playing the liberation of Poland. At the same time, the religious advisors encouraged the girls and boys to discover sin as “occupying forces” concerning them personally. Everybody was invited to free himself and herself through true conversion and the sacrament of confession.

Harze Majowe, Poland

General assemblies: Switzerland, France, Italy

The General assemblies with all their leaders took place in Switzerland, France, and Italy. The national Councils of administration were elected. Apart from the French association they will have their inaugural meetings in the next weeks in order to decide on the new General commissioners, Chairmen etc. The Federal team received reports from all the assemblies expressing great enthusiasm, quality, and confidence.

National Pilgrimage in Austria

Around 100 pilgrims gathered for the national pilgrimage in Maria Laach am Jauerling close to Melk in Austria. The weekend in late May gathered the brownies and wolf cubs, guides and scouts for rallies. From Saturday to Sunday perpetual adoration was held during all the night. On Sunday catecheses for all branches and parents were organized before leaving for a Rosary procession. After the Holy Mass the new General commissioner for Guides was recognized by the Federal commissioner. In the afternoon various games and a guided visit of the sanctuary were offered.

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