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During Eurojam 2003, on the flag map of Europe was one small empty space. Right in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. Afterwards bishop Milan Lach SJ wrote an article about FSE to newspapers. Already on December 2003 happened very first meeting and recruitment in small village Litmanova and in summer 2004 was realized first camp with two patrols of scouts and two patrols of guides. This all couldn´t be withou chiefs, Maria and Marek Šmid and Monika Hlinkova. Our spirituals – father Daniel Galajda, bishop Milan Lach and arcibishop Cyril Vasiľ took part in it as well.
Since that we made so difficult, but blessed journey.There was almost yearly realised summer camp, largerly international ( French, Italian, Polish, Czech scouts). Unforgettable Euromoot started and was proceeding here. Our chiefs have attended school camps in Italy, Poland and as well Slovakia. We were honoured to host federal council last year. And this year it´s been already ten years what this “heart“ is thumbing and trying to strenghten. Thanks God and all you, brothers and sisters.
Mária Antónia Strýčková

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