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On the last November weekend, the third edition of the Choir Workshop for singers and choir leaders took place in the little village of Sigüenza (Castilla-La Mancha), annually organized by the Spanish National Technical Team of Sound and Music. This year more than 60 unit leaders, pilots, rovers and senior guides tripled the 2017’s attendance, when the first edition was celebrated.

The activity started early on Saturday 23rd with the Lauds and the mass celebration. In the morning, the participants coming from Madrid, Toledo, Castellón, Catalonia and Lithuania (!) enjoyed, divided into groups, the first lessons focused on improving both singing and choir leading. The learning dynamics applied by the national technical team, lead by Joan Alfons Hernández and Amaya Merino, were greatly welcomed by all guides and scouts. All the participants will now be able to put every thing they have learned into practice within their units.

When the afternoon arrived, it was time to show all the work done so far, and what a better way than doing it in public! Guides and scouts offered a little concert at the retirement home for the elderly “Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados”, singing both Christmas and scouting songs. It all turned out in a big feast in which the audience not only enjoyed the performance but also took part in it singing along. This made everyone feel awesome; we could experience the power of music. Later in the evening, the participants enjoyed the lasts hours of daylight walking around the streets of Sigüenza, they even shortly visited the Cathedral. In fact, right in front of the cathedral and with the town hall behind, they offered an improvised concert to everyone who was present in the main square at the moment. Through their music, the scout spirit was brought to many habitants of Sigüenza.

Following the tour in the town, the participants went back to the meeting place and pushed through the last lessons of the day. After dinner, the end of the day was approaching… Though not before the soiree had been celebrated! In little teams and applying different techniques, everyone performed a little scene about Baden Powell’s life and the beginnings of scouting. Afterwards, the liturgical team lead the night prayer, expressing their gratitude and commending their worries… the perfect closure for the Christ the King eve.

The feast of Christ the King started right at sunrise with the celebration of the Lauds. In the morning, it was time to farewell to a special participant, Gabrielus, who had travelled a long long way from Lithuania just to be able to enjoy the workshop! Right before leaving, he taught everyone else some typical Lithuanian songs. At noon, the attendees accompanied the holy mass for the residents of Sigüenza with their singing. Right after, while still singing, guides and scouts left the streets of Sigüenza. The village that had welcomed them so well and where they had created some unforgettable memories and above all, had reinforced the scout spirit.

Text: Oscar Llena Fernandez (NTT Communication)
Translation: Cayetana López (NTT Communication)
Photos: Arturo Gutierrez (NTT Communication)

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