As every year arround this time, the National Route of the Spanish Association of Guides and Scouts of Europe has brought together 65 Guides and Scouts on their pilgrimage to the Monastery of El Paular (Madrid) on 9 and 10 March. This route has been a true statement of the commitment and progression, as the RS Community has grown thanks to the courageous “YES” of three Rovers and one Ranger.
“For me the Route this year has been an unforgettable experience! But the most significant thing has been to be able to do my RS commitment at the same place where 5 years ago I gave my promise. This very important and meditated step marks the beginning of a journey in which I promise to “always do my best and give the best of myself at the service of God and others every day.”
Janine Cramer, RS
“The National Route this year has been an enriching experience for me. On the one hand; sharing the Route with my scouting brothers in a team of scouts from different cities, do a complicated but beautiful route, as we remember the beginning: a reflection of life itself. And secondly, do my RS commitment, a goal after a long time of reflection, internalization and considering myself in service, which is actually the beginning; the beginning of a path made ​​of love, and whose goal is Love “
Javier Soler Gordillo, RS

suisse 01Les 9 et 10 mars une centaine de chefs, cheftaines, guides-aînées et routiers suisses se sont retrouvés à Sonnenwyl dans le canton de Fribourg (Suisse). Quelques français et deux polonaises étaient également présents.
Ce weekend fait partie du cycle de formation humaine et spirituelle des aînés de Suisse: cette fois, c’est Mère Madeleine Bourcereau, spécialiste du Père Sevin, qui est venue leur parler de la spiritualité scoute qu’a définie le vénérable fondateur du scoutisme catholique.
Les enseignements, la Route, les temps de service et de chant ont été embellis par la prise d’engagements divers: remises de foulards routiers et guide-aînée, engagement EP et remises de flots jaunes, et engagement de deux nouvelles guides-aînées RS.
En vivant des moments simples et en travaillant à créer des amitiés fortes entre ces jeunes adultes, le Scoutisme Européen Suisse a témoigné de son désir de vivre un scoutisme authentique, dans la ligne voulue par le Père Jacques Sevin. Ils se retrouveront encore pour deux weekends d’ici la fin de l’année 2013, avant de s’envoler ensemble… pour la Terre Sainte!  (st)
suisse 04

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The chiefs engaged in the organization of the Eurojam 2014 ended their pedagogical meeting in Rome with the Angelus prayer on St Peter’s Square. The Sunday Angelus in which they participated was the second to last possibility to see Pope Benedict XVI publicly speaking to believers.

Entrusting the Eurojam 2014 to the Virgin Mary was the culminating moment of the weekends work on the Eurojam program that took place at the Divino Amore Marian sanctuary near Rome.

16 people from France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Switzerland talked about specific tasks which stand before the pedagogical team – about camp life during Eurojam, about the activities that await the patrols, and also those of them that will be run in paired troops. They also talked about Eurojam 2014’s opening and closing ceremonies and about the scoutmasters’ camp which will be held in May 2014.

The federal commissioner, Martin Hafner, was present at the meeting, led by the pedagogical project chief, Marcin Kuczaj.

On Saturday, after some debates, the chiefs had dinner together with the Italian National Team. The Italian temperament, their way of expression and the singing that accompanied the meal were the elements that let everyone see the richness of the different cultures present in the FSE. “