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An invitation to experience the adventure of life is the preparation for the official opening of the Paray-le-Monial pilgrimage in 2013. The invitation is open to all pilots, assistants, Guide leaders, Group leaders, members of the technical team, RS godmothers… An event in the heart of the French Red Branch, but more alive in the minds of the European dimension, because the invitation reaches all corners of Europe.


A great opportunity to get together and live this All Saints pilgrimage!

A road that provides four days of simple life, reflection, education, pilgrimage, fraternal friendship and the shared joy and union.

Do you want to experience the joy of the 2013 gathering of ranger guides in Paray-le-Monial ? Then sign up!

From Thursday October 31 to Sunday, November 3.

Registration for all will open on September 15th on

In charge for the foreigns fires is Claire.


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After hearing about the flooding news in Germany that had caused important damage , over 30 German and Austrian Rangers and Rovers decided to help the people in need in Fischerdorf and Deggendorf in Bavaria and Grimm in Saxony-Anhalt.

Their rescue service began on June 12th and lasted about ten days. Motivated by the Scout Law that says: “The Scout is made to serve and save his neighbour”, German Rangers and Rovers actively worked by removing and cleaning the personal property damaged by the floods.


They were delighted with the opportunity to address the needs of others. For example, they provided a washing machine for a woman who no longer had clean clothes. They also wanted to provide support through their prayers. So they had a Mass in the parish church with the residents.

During his visit to the flooded region, the President of the Republic of Germany, Mr. Gauck, met the group of scouts and he could personally thank them for their service.


The impressions and experiences of all the Rangers and Rovers present during their rescue service were very positive and a true sign of the real Scout spirit.

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In Poland, before the holidays, cubs, scouts and guides meet up to start the summer together. It’s called the ‘Departure for camps’. An important Holy Mass and gathering, summing up the year’s work. Every unit- cub team, scout team, patrol – is given a special candle, which is used during the important events of a units camp or route. Parents, family and friends all come to this event. Everyone can feel the joy of upcoming adventures.


This year, it all took place on the 15th of June. There was a surprise element: a theatrical performance. A show called “To these green meadows…” (about the preparations, see here)

The show was based on the history of Poland – starting with Poland’s christening in the year 996, ending with the times after the 2nd World War. Poland was shown in all its glory: a country rooted in Christianity.


“This show was as it should be, natural, youthful and fresh.” – writes on his blog Zbigniew Korba, past National Commissioner, father of five kids – humble funds, great creativity and a good choice of topics, amazing set design, lots of great scenes, the commitment and seriousness of the actors, brilliant music which built up not only the atmosphere, but was also an actor by itself”.

There were almost 200 actors – guides and scouts from Warsaw, but involved in the performance were a lot more people. Stage set, sound, technical help, script, music – the running of the backstage, not in the least less important.


This is the first of such events of Scouts of Europe in Poland – a big challenge, but also a great opportunity to develop good expression which is a trademark of the Scouts of Europe. There are already plans for more performances… We’re waiting!