Christian education

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The Federation considers scouting as a means of apostolate within the Church; nevertheless, it does not see the use of the scout method as an end in itself but as an instrument for the formation of authentic men and women, inserted in a supernatural way in which they apply evangelic values at the service of the world.

The U.I.G.S.E.-F.S.E. gathers scout associations of Catholic confession. It acts and makes decisions according to the rules of this faith.

However, with an open mind towards ecumenism, the U.I.G.S.E-F.SE. also welcomes associations from other Christian confessions, according to the conditions settled by the Religious Directory. The intangible rule of the U.I.G.S.E.-F.S.E. is not to gather in the same units boys or girls of different confessions.
In this ecumenical perspective, the use of the term F.S.E., rather than U.I.G.S.E. or U.I.G.S.E-F.S.E., has been maintained in some associations because this abbreviation means something wider to the Evangelic and Orthodox communities belonging to the Federation.