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Current offers

Internship communication (6 weeks to 2 months starting from June 2018): UIGSE Fiche de poste Communication

Internship fundraising (6 weeks to 2 months starting from June 2018): UIGSE Fiche de poste Réseau


European Work Experience – Your internship at the UIGSE!

What we propose:

  • An international work experience in different fields of activity
  • A professional experience in another country where the UIGSE is present, a working environment abroad
  • A new country, a new people, extraordinary encounters
  • The possibility to improve your competences in your field, to test your knowledge in a non-scholar context


What you bring with you:

  • You are a European scout/guide and studying one of the following fields: informatics, logistics, technics, project management, event management, translation and interpretation, press and media… or another field! We are waiting for your proposals!
  • You want to improve your knowledge and your competences in your field, you have to do an internship as a part of your studies and you would like to use the opportunity in order to commit yourself to a good cause and to make a service.
  • You speak English (level B1) and/or the language of the country (B1) where you want to do your work experience.
  • You are ready to discover a new working environment, to speak a foreign language, to discover a new culture and new people.



  • We can propose you single missions from one weekend up to several weeks, according to our needs and your availability.
  • We don’t have the means to pay you, but we will help your to find an accommodation, to establish contacts on-site and we will do everything to facilitate your stay with the help of the scout net.
  • You gain valuable experiences for your CV and you will get an internship certificate.
  • Some examples of possible missions: creation of a website for an association, translation/interpretation during an international event, translation of official texts, organization and execution of a project/ an event, communication etc. etc. …. Give free play to your ideas!
  • After your work experience, we would like you to write a short report of about one page with photos for our archives and our publications.


How to apply?

  • You send us your spontaneous application with a motivation letter and your CV in English or French (
  • We will contact you for a motivation interview (on skype) in order to precise the details.

Ready… Steady… Go!!!

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