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EUROJAM – Official Anthem

Lyrics and music : Pierre-Jean Aspe

This translation below is intended to understand the meaning of the verses, it was not written to be sung.
The song is sung in the following languages :
– Chorus in Latin
– Verses : 1st in French, 2nd in Spanish, 3rd in Polish, 4th in English, 5th in German, 6th in Italian, 7th and 8th in French

Access the video to learn the anthem

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“Familie of Europe” it’s a Scout of Europe project: a series of short filmes about scouting from the perspective of parents and families. Open, discover, share

“Familie de l’Europe” c’est un projet scout d’Europe: une série de courts filmes sur le point de vue des parents et des familles. Ouvrir, découvrir, partager

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Twenty instrumentalists composed of Rangers, Rovers and even 2 Guides met for a week around New Year´s to record the soundtrack of the movie “1914 – The Secret of Confrécourt”.

Among them were also four members of the German Guides and
Scouts Association: the International scout brotherhood was a highlight of the camp.

Strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion: each contributed to the harmony of the music, the drama or the comedy that was composed specially for the occasion.

Some actors and technicians also have worked around the writer.

The release is scheduled for…. the Eurojam 2014!!!
You can find more info here.