Scout Meditations

The „Scout Meditations on the Gospel“ by Father Jacques Sevin have recently been published in English language. It is available for 9,9€ (without transport costs) at Carrick France.

In this book, Father Jacques Sevin is more than ever a scout, moving forward and lighting the way.

As he sets the meeting with Jesus-Christ, His words, His gestures and Hits acts at the heart of the scout’s life, he opens a way and strengthens the scouting spirit.

By reading scouting in the light of Gospel, he sheds a new light on it which gives strength and deepness to most simple and daily gestures.

To Father Sevin, the scouting spirituality is not disembodied; it is a dialogue with Jesus, service to others, joy of living, commitment to a brotherly world. He was declared Venerable in the eyes of the Church on May 10, 2012.

Photo: Laurent Clévenot

Eurojam 1984 – Velles (F) Photo: Laurent Clévenot

Father Edmond Barbotin passed away on Friday September 19th. Almost 94 years old, he was paralyzed since 2004 and lived in a nursing home in Strasbourg. His funeral will take place on Wednesday 24th in Saint-Maurice church at 10:30 a.m. and his burial will take place at the cemetery of Lorette in Saint-Servan (35) on Friday 26th at 16:30 p.m.

He was national religious adviser of the French association from 1986 to 2000. Endlessly, he accompanied a lot of roads, training camps, the pilgrimages of Paray and Vézelay, the WYD of Czestochowa in 1991, innumerable national and international activities… How many chiefs, chieftains, rovers, rangers, priests, religious men and women… were marked by him ? Impossible to say. He also wrote for our movement numerous articles and books about the pedagogy of faith.

We shall keep in our hearts the image of a holy priest, discreet, available, balanced, with remarkable intelligence and very fine sense of humor.

Now we entrust him to the Divine Mercy that he so often preached and poured out in the sacrament of penance.