Financed projects

The financed projects have to be in line with the Fund’s objectives as fixed by the Statutes, which are:

  • The fraternity between the peoples of Europe and beyond,
  • An education based on an authentic Christian anthropology,
  • New evangelization,
  • And volunteering.


Chosen selection of projects: international initiatives and European activities that pass the fraternity’s flame to the Europeans of tomorrow


European activities


Our youth’s activities invite the Guides and Scouts of Europe, and their families, friends and interested persons to discover the cultural, spiritual and human richness, which are Europe’s true treasure.

With 30 or 50€, you can provide a significant help to the financing of a local scout adventure.







World Youth Day

14102728_1133378013377047_3320111559437649076_nLiving, praying, serving together: This is the hugest event of our planet, gathering the youth coming from the entire world around Jesus Christ in answer to the Holy Father’s call. It is a great opportunity for the elder guides and scouts to serve the Church and the youth coming from everywhere.

100€ cover the participation fees for one teenager.






Every ten years, Guides and Scouts of Europe of all countries gather in the woods of a beautiful place in Europe for a “Eurojamboree”, an huge meeting which allows to live some unforgettable days together with thousands of other boys and girls, sharing their joy, living the same faith, discovering their cultural, human and spiritual richness. The Eurojamborees are the occasion to live concretely a European fraternity without limits. Bonds are created between the inhabitants of tomorrow’s Europe, which can endure a lifetime.

However… many families cannot afford to offer their children this unique adventure. With 200€, you allow a young girl or boy to pay his journey to the Eurojam.


12 stars training camp


The « 12 stars camp » is the European reference congress for the UIGSE-FSE. There it transmits its fundamentals to the future leaders of the movement. Bishops, professors, diplomates, internationale NGO leaders, all well-known at an international level, bring their expertise in those fields that define the FSE:

  • Europe: past, present future… the structure of our “common house”.
  • The European societies and their evolutions through the prism of the youth.
  • The Church, Churches in Europe and Christian anthropology.

The participation in this international training costs in average 400€ by person. Help for those who come from the borders of Europe is more than needed.


Elementary training camps


Our trainings enable national associations to offer parents those educators that are competent on a pedagogical, spiritual and human basis for their children.

1500 € is the cost for the whole organisation of an international camp in a country of Eastern Europe.