FlutkastropheWho says scout, also says good turn! “Be prepared” is our motto. As soon as we received the news about the violent flood in Lower Bavaria, the scouts of the KPE (Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas), UIGSE member association, start to organise themselves. 48 hours later, the first rovers and rangers are on-site to help the population of those little villages that have been violently flooded. Cars, houses, streets, bridges,… nothing has been spared. Important parts of the infrastructure (electricity, water) are destroyed, too. Our teams remove the mud the flood left in the cellars; remove the furniture from the cellars and the lower floors, and remove the wooden floors and the plastering, so that the houses can dry properly.

We start each day with the Holy mass in Altötting, a famous sanctuary, in order to bring our mission and the people who suffer from the flood catastrophe in front of our Lord.

Robert DesjardinsAt the age of 73, Robert Desjardins de Laval passed away on May 20th in the Sacré-Coeur hospital Montréal.

In 1974, Robert was one of the founders of the “Eclaireurs Baden-Powell” association in Canada, member association of the UIGSE-FSE during a long time. He served his association as a General Commissioner during nearly 15 years.

He was president of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe from 1987 to 1991.

His fellow scouts keep the memory of an active, helpful man with a constant good mood.

Farewell, Robert!