Between April12th and 14th, Cracow witnessed a true wave of chiefs of Scouts of Europe. All the chiefs for the yellow branch from all over Poland were present. Simultaneously in Cracow were present all the green branch chiefs, who came to the XXVI “Legwan” meeting.


Lectures, conferences and discussions- concerning topics of each of the meetings- were interspersed with shared activities such as the time of Personal Prayer, the Holy Mass, meals or a visit to the Cistercian Abbey of Tyniec.

The sunny weather encouraged the participants to hold a number of cubs’ games, the place which was chosen for Bartłomiej Bodziechowski’s  conference was a nearby park and the evening was spent walking round the city center of Cracow.

Thanks to this we were able to see how complementary the methodologies of both branches are, and how much we can learn from each other. The meeting resulted, among other things, in the creation of several new badges, many new ideas for the Council Rock, games, or the running of the cubs’ team chronicle.

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