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Consecration of the UIGSE to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

At the occasion of the Eurojam opening mass on August 3rd 2014

On the occasion of this Eucharist at the opening of Eurojam 2014, I, Martin, Federal Commissioner, together with all the General Commissioners, consecrate solemnly the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We entrust the whole Union and its members to Him, what they live and what they do, their pains and sufferings, their joys and hopes during their scouting activities and their life in the world, so that the Union may only serve to honour, love and glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We therefore take You, O Sacred Heart, to be the only object of our love, the guardian of our Union, the assurance of its salvation, the cure for its weakness and lack of constancy, the atonement for all its faults, the source of its joyful peace, and the destination of its route.

Be then, O Heart of goodness, our justification before God the Father, let us savour the soft power of Your infinite mercy. O Heart of love, we put all our trust in You, and we hope for all things from Your goodness.

Burning heart of tenderness, remove from us all that may displease or resist You. Let Your pure love imprint itself so deeply upon our hearts, that we may never be able to forget You or be separated from You. We bless You for accepting to live within our Union and may our happiness and glory be to live and die while being all yours.

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