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Speech during the opening ceremony on August 3rd 2014 – Martin Hafner

Dear guide sister, dear scout brother,

August 3rd 1914: The peoples of Europe rise up against one another.

August 3rd 2014: The guides and scouts of Europe rise together their hearts, as well as the St. Mary’s citadel just rose with the twelve stars of Europe and the flags of the twelfe subcamps.

The founding Fathers of Europe have always considered the European flag as a sign of the Virgin Mary, crowned with twelve stars.

Mary shows us by her life the way to Christ. Only in Him, not in money and weapons, mankind finds peace, unity and reconciliation.

Yes, we have got a time of peace and unity in Europe. But our sisters and brothers from Ukraine can tell us how fragile peace can be. We need more reconciliation. On each day, in each heart.

This is why I declare this Eurojam the Eurojam of reconciliation: reconciliation with God, reconciliation with myself and reconciliation with my sister and my brother.

Reconciliation with God: Unity exists only in Christ. I invite everyone of you to receive the sacrament of penance during this week. Our priests are at your disposal day and night.

Reconciliation with myself: I say “Yes” to my capacities and I make them grow in the middle of the beautiful nature.

Reconciliated in this way, I am open to follow my vocation as a scout: to serve and to save my neighbour.

I greet all our guests from the Church and the State who rendered this Eurojam possible. They are so numerous that I beg your pardon not to be able to mention them one by one. Representing the dozens of people who helped us, I want to give our brown scarf, symbol of the service, to two young men who are not scouts: our plumbers Nicolas and Ludivuc. Only thanks to you we have got water in our camp now. Thank you.

And now, dear sisters and brothers, let’s take possession of our town in the forests. Transform it into an image of the Heavenly Jerusalem!

I declare the opening of the Eurojam 2014 in Saint-Évroult-Notre-Dame-du-Bois!

Venite et videte!

Speech at the Closing Ceremony on August 10th 2014 – Martin Hafner

Dear guide sister, dear scout brother,

in some hours you will already be on your way back home and the Eurojam will lie behind you. During this week, you have lived difficult moments in the forests of Saint-Évroult-Notre-Dame-du-Bois, but also wonderful moments full of joy, friendship and reconciliation.

Today, Europe gets 12,500 joyful and reconciled hearts. Conserve this heart.

Pope Francis has sent us a message to the Eurojam. He wrote: “You are true actors of this world, not only spectators!“

Be a scout! Be a guide! Be an actor! God has called you to that! How many of our sisters and brothers are not present because they are ill! And let’s think also about the persecuted Christians in the Iraq. The Holy Father writes us: “I invite you to pray for the coming of unity and peace in Europe and in the world.” Pray for those who are lonely, those who are persecuted! The scout is made to serve and save his neighbour.

The Eurojam of Reconciliation continues – in your heart! I send out each of you to bring to your family, your patrol, to Europe and to all the people you meet the reconciliation in Christ.

Be inspired by the Eurojam and renew the face of Europe!

Dear patrol leaders! Venistis, vidistis, vadite!

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