As every year arround this time, the National Route of the Spanish Association of Guides and Scouts of Europe has brought together 65 Guides and Scouts on their pilgrimage to the Monastery of El Paular (Madrid) on 9 and 10 March. This route has been a true statement of the commitment and progression, as the RS Community has grown thanks to the courageous “YES” of three Rovers and one Ranger.
“For me the Route this year has been an unforgettable experience! But the most significant thing has been to be able to do my RS commitment at the same place where 5 years ago I gave my promise. This very important and meditated step marks the beginning of a journey in which I promise to “always do my best and give the best of myself at the service of God and others every day.”
Janine Cramer, RS
“The National Route this year has been an enriching experience for me. On the one hand; sharing the Route with my scouting brothers in a team of scouts from different cities, do a complicated but beautiful route, as we remember the beginning: a reflection of life itself. And secondly, do my RS commitment, a goal after a long time of reflection, internalization and considering myself in service, which is actually the beginning; the beginning of a path made ​​of love, and whose goal is Love “
Javier Soler Gordillo, RS
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