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The Eurojam 2014 was a great celebration; a moment of joy lived in an immense community; a celebration of reconciliation and unity. Not only a great meeting of 12,500 European youngsters, not only a happening in the middle of nowhere, not only a spectacle in front of 25,000 eyes. What is the difference between the Eurojam and, let’s say, a music festival gathering the same (or an even higher) number of people as the Eurojam? A music festival gathers people who are enthusiastic of the same kind of music, so people who share an aspect, a part of them. The Eurojam doesn’t gather people who share something together, but who ARE something together, who form a single body, the body of Christ! Only in HIM we are really able to find reconciliation, reconciliation with God, with ourselves and with each other. Our unity in HIM is our strength and the only reason why European Scouting can exist. The Eurojam is the best expression of this unity. It shows to us – and to the world! – that peace among the nations is not only a beautiful dream, but can be realized if we have the strong will to go to the other, to listen and to understand the other. Even if we don’t speak the same language and don’t have the same habits and customs, we are sisters, brothers and God’s beloved children. We don’t share only the one ore other chosen aspect of ourselves, but our essence, our being. Once we have understood that, our diversity is not an obstacle any more, but the source of new discoveries, beautiful exchanges and deep joy.

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