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Du 7 au 10 novembre, pour la première fois en Biélorussie, le camp de formation “Saint Casimir” a eu lieu pour les responsables de groupes, auquel ont également participé des représentants de Belgique, Lituanie et Russie.

Grâce à ce camp-école, nous avons appris comment fonctionne un bon groupe scout et quel est le rôle du chef de groupe. Cependant, nous avons beaucoup de nouvelles questions maintenant. Cela signifie que le grain a été semé et qu’il reste beaucoup de travail à faire pour obtenir une riche récolte.

Nos impressions générales sont exprimées par les mots d’une des participantes de la formation, Tatyana Mazun, responsable du groupe de Minsk : “Si vous saviez ce que je ressentais, vous perdriez volontiers une fortune juste pour vivre au moins pendant quelques minutes cette joie, cette paix, cette fierté de la vocation et cette confiance que la Fédération du Scoutisme Européen m’a données ! »

Olga Dmitrieva, Commissaire nationale feu de Biélorussie

Photos: Liliya Zheromskaya

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On September 28, 2019, a historic meeting took place in Lourdes, France. For the first time, Timberwolves and Leaders from Canada representing the FNE (Federation of North American Explorers) Toronto den had the opportunity to meet the FSE Timberwolves and Leaders of the local Lourdes pack. The FNE Girl Timberwolves and leaders came to Lourdes primarily as pilgrims to grow in faith through a personal encounter with Mother Mary, The Lady of the Immaculate Conception and to better understand the message of Lourdes as revealed to St. Bernadette.  The goal to meet the FSE French Timberwolves may have been a secondary reason but the memories created by such rendezvous will be remembered for a very long time. Continue reading

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On October 5th and 6th, 2019, the Federal Council gathered in Lviv, Ukraine, for its annual meeting. 16 countries were represented at this General Assembly of the UIGSE-FSE organisation. It was the occasion for the Federal Bureau, elected in 2018, to present its first year of service and to launch different international projects for the scout year 2019-2020.

Despite the windy-rainy autumn weather, the meeting started with a flag ceremony outside, during which the Federal Commission recognized the new General Guide Commissioner of Switzerland. A holy mass was celebrated in Greek-Catholic rite, accompanied by a beautiful choir made of young leaders of the Ukrainian Scouts of Europe association. The beauty of the liturgy compensated largely the fact that a lot of participants are not familiar with the Eastern rite. The Federal Council members could experience again that we do not need to speak the same language in order to be united in prayer and faith in Jesus Christ.

The Federal Council was warmly welcomed by the Ukrainian FSE association that prepared everything needed in order to make a working weekend a most agreeable experience: good meals, a scout cake, guided city tour, small gifts for the participants… and big smiles in all faces!