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Unity! The first National Meeting of the Swiss European Scouts took place on April 13 and 14, 2013.

Several Camps by branch were conducted and they ended in the Cathedral of Freiburg where the Bishop welcomed us. A yellow branck camp was located near the hillside. A Green branch camp was located around the Hauterive Abbey; with the Scouts located across the river, accessible only via a hanging bridge over the Sarine River and the Guides located at the banks of the river.


Smiles on everyone’s lips and the joy that shines on all faces. The complicity of new-build friendships, the joy of meeting old friends made at summer camps. The desire to excel in each of the big games. Scepters to win after a challenge, swords for the honor of the patrol. The ingenuity of everyone to make the camp even better. The confidence of seeing the flags of the districts hoisted: the big sister Geneva and the little sisters Fribourg, Lausanne and Zurich who are growing and the scouts from Bramois; we are always happy to welcome and have again proved that in the Valais we know how to use a map!


Patrol leaders or chefs, being in service makes sense in the big Scout family! Leaving pumped for the camps that lie ahead, saying: when are we starting again? If there is a first, there surely will be a second!

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