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Spanish National Route-FlammeFrom the 5th to 8th December, the Spanish Association of Guides and Scouts of Europe lived our yearly national route in the fraternity of leaders, guides and scouts from all over our country. This time we enjoyed a 3 days route, which enabled us to better feel and live the route, and we ended in Poblet, a Cistercian Monsatery located in Tarragona (Catalonia). There we had a wonderful Adoration accompanied with the beautiful voices of the debuting National Choir. This Choir has a average age of 20 years old, including the guide and scout that conduct it. And we had the great opportunity to welcome our Federal Commissioner and the Scouteurop’Tour flame, which has already passed through France, Belgium and Portugal, and that we will past to Slovakia.

Unity, fraternity, and trust in our brothers and sisters, and above all the search of God, have been our moto in this national route, and so will be for the next years!

Yours in scouting!


Spanish National Route

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The first Polish presentation of the film “1914, le Secret de Confrécourt” took place on November 29th 2015 in the auditorium of the Warsaw University during the Youth festival “Forum Młodych”. Forum Młodych is a yearly meeting of rangers and rovers from all over Poland, organizes since about 20 years. During the Forum, guests from Poland and Europe tell us about scouting and Christian life, giving testimony of how both changed their lives and why it is important. On intervention came from Jean-Charles de Cologny, a leader of the French Guides and Scouts of Europe association, who gave important inputs to the red branch and the renewal of the Vézelay pilgrimage.

The film “1914, le Secret de Confrécourt” has been shown at the end of the forum in front a young public, consisting mostly of high school and university students who followed the presentation with much attention, joy and emotion and who gave very positive reactions after the presentation. As the film pleased a lot to the Polish scouts, we hope that there will by other presentations!

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FNE advent

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

I hope that you had a beautiful summer and fall! My experience was very good! I spent my vacation first doing mission two by two proclaming the Gospel visiting the parishes and the people in Jackson, Mississippi. This was amazing to see good God is to me, a sinner, and how He provided everything, preparing the way for us!

Then I visited my family in Poland and also I had opportunity to spend four days with my former Girls’ Explorer Company at summer camp (they were there 2 weeks!).

And now I am back again! So let’s talk a little bit about a new season that we’ve just started….
In couple of days we will enter into Advent, and we will start a new liturgical year. It is always good opportunity to rethink our deeds and our plans.

We will hear in these days many words about John the Baptist, who will call us to conversion. Many times we think: well, maybe this is for those who do not believe in Christ, or maybe it is for those who are not in the Catholic Church. But the fact is that this is necessary for us all. Because many times we have been far away from the Lord! And many times we’ve been walking in the wrong direction! Let every valley be filled in! Every mountain and hill be leveled, winding ways be straightened, and rough roads made smooth!

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Conseil federal 2015Last weekend, from October 2nd to 4th, the yearly Federal Council took place in Prague, Czech Republic, this wonderful city in the heart of Europe with the presence of the leaders from 17 FSE associations!

At this occasion, seven General Commissioners got the recognition of the Federal Council: Michela Bertoni and Marco Platania from Italy, Oana and Mihai Zanfir from Romania,Etienne Roland-Gosselin from Switzerland, Florentina Delgado from Spain and Maria Nemcikova from Slovakia.

Let us pray together for these new General Commissioners and their associations!