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Find this impressive text written by Christian (20 years old) after a rover hike with the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE), our sister organisation in North America!

For anyone thinking of embarking upon a pilgrimage, retreat or spiritual journey of any kind, I hope the following insights on my Wayfarer pilgrimage shed some light as to how incredibly enrichening such an experience can be! Having hiked in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for three days, camped in below freezing temperatures with my fellow brothers and lived to tell the tale, I cannot fully describe the effect it has on one’s character, perspective and spirit. This pilgrimage was by far the most challenging experience in my short 20 years, and looking back it now, I doubt any other could have fundamentally shifted the way I look at the world as this one did. I truly believe faith must be practised and embodied through action and prayer, but living it within the context of a pilgrimage is a whole nother realm that brings with it a unique set of graces. Continue reading