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The Spanish red branch is taking off!!! Reciently with lot of activities: Rangers Council, Rovers Council and the awasome Spanish National Route to El Escorial!.

In the beginning of Febrary the Rover branch, lidered by its Nacional Commissioner Luis Gordillo, have met in Madrid to have the first RS meeting where 33 RS from different places of Spain were discussing about pedagogy and the progression in the Red Branch. New adult’s Promises, RS departure, commitment, were some of the topics  they discussed the weekend of the 7th to 9th February.

At the same period the National Commissioner for Fire, Flory Delgado discussed in Toledo with the RS community about how to develop the Pilot activities, the commitment and the trainings of the red branch.

Finally in the en of March, from 28th to 30th both Rangers and Rovers met together to peregrinate to San Lorenzo del Escorial. More than 110 Rovers and Rangers praying together, in one of the most important historically basilica in Spain.

The whole weekend was rainy but the scouts and rangers did not stop singing against this difficulties. Three different routes were proposed: From Galapagar, La Jarosa and from Valdemorillo. Some of the routes brought also snow, what makes the experience even challenger and gratifying when finally they arrived to El Escorial.

It was especially significant this national route because 3 years before in 2011 during the World Youth Day the chiefs of the Spanish association were there making service to Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. And after this three years, our return to that very place reminded us that we are still (come back there remenber us to continue) working for the Kingdom of Heaven here in the Earth.

Spain had the pleasure to share this awesome route with the Federal Commissioner Martin Hafner who has dedicated some words to us:

Incredible! Even three days after my return from El Escorial, I do not suffer from a cold! Even if I got as wet as nearly never before in my scout life – thanks to the fruitful central Iberian spring rain.

Impressive! The 100 rangers and rovers I could live during their pilgrimage. I saw the youngest members of the red branch, and I saw the former leaders of our Spanish association. And the most important thing is, that I saw nothing, but smiling faces and I heard nothing but songs, prayers, and laughter.

I shared my time with two national commissioners who are real columns of their branches. I thank our Lord for these leaders who invest all their heart in order to help their rangers and rovers to get saints – by offering them rain and snow, high mountains and breathtaking landscapes,  hot chocolate and all their fraternal love, but first of all the opportunity to adore our Lord in his most Holy Sacrament and to get reconciled with Him, with themselves and thus their brothers and sisters thanks to the sacrament of penitence!

Thanks to the spiritual advisors who shared the most difficult moments with our rangers and rovers – in the middle of the cold and windy nature, but also in the spiritual effort of a good confession. Do not leave your guides and scouts alone. Share your time. Let them be true missionaries in today’s world.

I imagine after you arrived back home, dear rangers and rovers, day-by-day life started. In the meantime I myself have already been to Normandy to help forwarding the Eurojam preparations. But our hearts should always stay at what we lived in El Escorial. This is the way you will never lose courage to take responsibility of your packs, your companies, your troops, your fires, your clans, and even your association. This is the way to say: “Here I am” and “Semper parati” whenever the Lord calls you for an ever bigger mission!

Duc in altum! See you in Normandy again!


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