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eurojam-camp-125The European flame is setting the hearts of the Guides and Scouts of Europe on fire. International camps, pedagogical exchanges and congresses, welcome of the Other and leaving towards  adventures and new experiences together with brothers and sisters from abroad – that’s our Union’s reality since its creation in 1956. Guardian of a 60 years old experience, the UIGSE-FSE wants to put its expertise and its good practices into the service of even more young persons, parents and educators, going beyond  the limits of our associations.

That is why the movement’s leaders decided to create an Endowment fund at the occasion of the Union’s 60th anniversary.

Through its Endowment fund, the UIGSE-FSE aims at sharing its biggest treasures :

  • An educative expertise, proved in different social, cultural and historical contexts
  • A commitment of thousands of volunteers of all ages;
  • International exchanges at all levels of our associations, having created a huge international network throughout the decades;
  • A dynamic religious life including Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox pedagogical units.



Wherever families, lay people or clergy want to promote:

  • The fraternity between the peoples of Europe and beyond,
  • An education based on an authentic Christian anthropology,
  • New evangelization,
  • And volunteering,

the UIGSE-FSE wants to make available its long-standing expertise and the necessary means, thanks to its Endowment Fund.

Your support allows us to answer to the needs of our youth and our societies! Let us build together a social environment allowing the human person to develop fully as a child of God!

Support us!