Foto WYD WE WebsiteOn 25-26 October 2014, a UIGSE meeting to prepare for the Cracow 2016 World Youth Day was held in Warsaw. Martin Hafner, Federal commissioner, Paolo from Italy, Miguel from Spain, Charlotte from France and the Polish WYD team with Grzegorz Waligórski, project leader, Katarzyna Czerwińska, Jadwiga Szuba, Piotr Kucharczak and Zbigniew Minda were present. The participants shared every aspect of our participation project in the Cracow 2016 WYD. Grzegorz Waligórski and the Polish General commissioners have been talking with the Organisation Committee in Cracow for months, presenting our idea of participation which focusses on catechesis animation in parishes and on theatre performances in the evenings. This time, at the difference of Madrid 2011, we want to be more present in the programme activities rather than in logistics or volunteer services. One of the main conclusions of the weekend was a recommendation to the Polish team to be very active, to talk with many people in the Cracow Committee, to hold a lot of options open, especially regarding our UIGSE camp in Cracow during the WYD.

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