At the traditional rover pilgrimage to Vézelay (France) around All Saint’s Day, Cardinal Sarah was present at the 2016 edition and gave a memorable and most important homily to rovers from France and many other countries. The text is now available in English.

A Rover Scout who has not given everything has given nothing.

A Rover Scout who is not able to die is able to do nothing.

But remember that it is sometimes more difficult to live.

And now, brother, go with God!”

Dear Pilots and Rovers of European Scouts, my friends,

In these words, both splendid and demanding – and splendid because they are demanding – you have recognised an extract from the ceremonial of the Rover Departure. After hearing them, the new Scout Rover kneels down in front of the priest in order to receive God’s blessing, then he moves away, alone, in the dark, “accompanied by the saints”, while his scout brothers move sideways to let him walk between them, at the light of the torches, and sing the song “L’Appel de la Route” …

 Find here the integral text (in English)

(Photo: Benoit Eude – ETN Photo – Guides et Scouts d’Europe)

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