You present yourself to the Road, but do you know how the Road presents itself to you?

The buck is passed to the candidate. The leader recognises his request, but he also wants to know if this request is founded and realistic. In this sentence, the “road” refers to a Rover Scout’s life. Thus, the leader asks you if you have enough experience and if your rucksack contains enough tools to live as a Rover Scout. In other terms: and you, do you think that you are ready to go ahead on this road? Continue reading

In making our young citizens, therefore, it is essential to try to get into them the habit of cheery co-operation, of forgetting their personal wishes and feelings in bringing about the good of the whole business in which they are engaged — whether it be work or play. One can teach the boy that it is exactly as in football. You must play in your place and play the game; don’t try to be referee when you are playing half-back; don’t stop playing because you have had enough of the game, but shove along, cheerily and hopefully, with an eye on the goal in order that your side may win, even though you may yourself get a kick on the shins or a muddy fall in helping it. Continue reading

The outstanding position of young female and male leaders

For the founders of the FSE, Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox, the mission entrusted by Christ to his disciples must be accomplished by all those who constitute the Church, even if they are very young; they were aware of the fact that the legitimacy of their action came from their state of baptised faithful and citizen, as well as from the families who entrusted their children to them. So, all the baptised, everyone according to his personal condition, are meant to collaborate actively to the transmission of the word preached by Jesus. More specifically, the patrol leaders, the rovers and rangers, the young female and male leaders are at the best place to transmit a testimony of faith to their younger brothers and sisters. Continue reading