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Scout Meditations

The „Scout Meditations on the Gospel“ by Father Jacques Sevin have recently been published in English language. It is available for 9,9€ (without transport costs) at Carrick France.

In this book, Father Jacques Sevin is more than ever a scout, moving forward and lighting the way.

As he sets the meeting with Jesus-Christ, His words, His gestures and Hits acts at the heart of the scout’s life, he opens a way and strengthens the scouting spirit.

By reading scouting in the light of Gospel, he sheds a new light on it which gives strength and deepness to most simple and daily gestures.

To Father Sevin, the scouting spirituality is not disembodied; it is a dialogue with Jesus, service to others, joy of living, commitment to a brotherly world. He was declared Venerable in the eyes of the Church on May 10, 2012.

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