Martin Hafner2Dear Sisters and Brothers in Scouting!

A voice behind me said: “Kennst du mich noch?”[1] It was a nice evening in early May 2018 in the city centre of Warsaw. I turned around and looked into the face of a man of around 35 years, walking on crutches. Confusion. After a while I said: “Er … no …” “I am Mariano.” I answered immediately: “But of course! We camped together in Rome in 2000!” Mariano said: “Some minutes ago, I saw a scout from Luxemburg with the FSE uniform. So, I came over to see if there is somebody else I know…” Indeed, he was successful. Continue reading

We have to come back to the chief’s question: “You present yourself to the Road but do you know how the Road presents itself to you?” In the previous article, we have mentioned that it evoked a parable of Jesus about someone who wants to build a tower. We have made the comparison with the construction of your rover life and we said that you need three tools in your virtual rucksack: the religious adviser, the time of prayer and a rover godfather. These tools are necessary but not enough. Continue reading

I WRITE my notes this month from camp. I hope that many a Scoutmaster will have been able, like me, to take his holiday this year in camp. If he has enjoyed it half as much as I am enjoying mine, he will have done well.

I am certain that a week or two of such life is the best rest-cure and the best tonic for both mind and body that exists for a man, whether he be boy or old ‘un. Continue reading