Structure and organization

The U.I.G.S.E.-F.S.E. is led by a Federal Council, a Federal Bureau and a Federal Commission.

The Federal Council is composed of representatives from the federated associations. Normally, it gathers every year, usually in August. Its task is to define the programmes and lines of action of the Union, to decide of the admission or exclusion of the associations, to approve the federal financial balance-sheet, to elect the members of the Federal Bureau and of the other groups or work commissions.

The Federal Bureau is composed of the Federal Commissioner, of the Federal Chairman, of the Federal Vice-Chairman and of the Federal Secretary. The Federal Religious Adviser and the collaborators of the Federal Commissioner take part in the Bureau meetings with advisory vote. The role of the Federal Bureau is the ordinary management of the Union.

The Federal Commissioner is responsible for the management of the Union. He keeps in touch with the various associations; he deals out the information, follows the development, and creates the conditions of a fruitful collaboration between the various associations. For these tasks, he is helped by a team (Federal Commission) with specific responsible deputies.

For the time being, the federal tasks are shared as follows:

  • Federal Commissioner: Bruno Borde (France)
  • Federal Chairman: Antonio Posa (Italy)
  • Federal Vice-Chairman: Katarzyna Kieler (Poland)
  • Federal Secretary: Erik Paris (France)
  • Secretary of the UIGSE: Franziska Harter (Germany)