Appendix IX to father Jacques SEVIN’s book about The International Office of Catholic Scouts, in Le Scoutisme, Editions Spes, 1924, pages 336 to 338.

The International Office of Catholic Scouts was founded in London, during the Jamboree of 1920, on request of several leaders of Catholic Associations, among which the « Baden-Powell Belgian Boy Scouts” and the Scouts de France. Continue reading

The Guides and Scouts of Europe, a “new community”

The debate of the place of European Guides and Scouts in the Church is not new at all. What is original, in the scout and ecclesial environment, is not so much the double mission that our movement tries to accomplish – to give a human and Christian formation to young Europeans, and to work for the unity of the Church (1) – but the way the movement defines itself: “something new in the Church and in society (…), a movement of lay people, helped by priests”, with a “more and more emphasised family spirit”, and “wanting resolutely to be open to the civic realities of tomorrow” (2). Continue reading