Coming up is a great historical play „to these green meadows”, which will be taking place on June 15th in an amphitheater in one of Warsaw’s districts as part of the celebration of the end of the year.

The preparations started two months ago and almost 200 actors are needed. A total of 57 girls and 140 boys from the green and red branches have already volunteered to participate!

The mobilization is very big and the commitment of some is also very strong.

do tych lak...

The play covers many important moments in Polish history. Starting with the origin of Poland, the Grunwald battle and the topic of Polish Nobility times and the Polish revival.

The biggest task is to achieve the proper musical frame. The goal is to compose an orchestra made up of our musical scout talents.

The idea is to hold such plays each year for the celebration of the end of the year and to prepare a play about The Saint of the World on the next World Youth Day in 2016, probably in Cracow, in Poland…

The organizers want to create a movie and to take photos.

We await impatiently.

Courage Poland!

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