Antoine Le Quinio (ancien scout de la troupe 5ème Anger) mort en Centrafrique, dans l’accomplissement de sa mission au service de la France. Nous demandons une prière pour ce scout courageux.

Antoine Le Quinio (former scout troop Anger 5th) died in Central Africa, in the fulfillment of its mission in the service of France. We ask prayer for this brave scout.


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    Janine Claro has been the Akela of the 2nd Sta Maria del Remei in Barcelona (Spain) and is now embarking in a new adventure in Grenoble (France) to serve as an assistant of the wolfpack of the 2nd Notre Dame du Laus.
    Why are you changing groups? Due to a work promotion I have to move to France after Christmas and therefore I can’t continue with my service as Akela in my group in Barcelona. It was very clear for me that my new destination needed to have a group of Guides of Europe and luckily Grenoble had one! But luckily I will not have to completely swop groups as I will still continue with my service in Bacelona even if it’s from the distance!
    Why have you decided to contact the group in Grenoble? Elodie, a Guide from the Group in Grenoble who came on an Erasmus to Barcelona and served in our group, contacted me a couple months ago to tell me that the group was looking for assistants for their wolfpack so I decided to reply to that call for help.
    What do you think this new adventure will bring you? I’m actually very excited to be able to continue to serve in the yellow branch. This has made my goodbye of my own wolfpack much easier! It will also allow me to learn new methods, songs, games etc which I’ll be able to share with my group in Spain and of course to really experience the fraternity of our mouvement!
    Would you recommend others to do the same? Definetly! I saw it with Elodie who came to help us when we really needed it the most! It is very enriching to be able to share different experiences and it definetly brings new life into the group!

      Journées nationales 2012

      Vous connaissez le web Scoutorama? De nombreuses ressources pour apprendre la technique scout. Une grande idée de l’association française FSE, en 4 langues. Connectez-vous!

      You know the Scoutorama web? Numerous resources for learning the technique scout. A great idea from the french association FSE access in 4 languages. Log in!

      Photo: AGSE-Olivier Naves